Ridgewood Estates - The Park Owner is a Slum lord who rips people off

Layton, Utah 0 comments

I lived there for a little while and dealt quite a bit with the Park Owner.He is a really nice German guy at first, but as soon as you sign the Lease, you are officially at his mercy and he isn't afraid to throw his lawyer at you for any reason at all.

Part of the rent includes pool maintenance but the pool hasn't worked in years. He raises the price at least once a year as well. The park has gone down hill very fast and people who can afford it are leaving left and right. I'm sure only 60% +- of the homes and lots are actually filled with not a whole lot of people moving in.

The Owner has been contacted by local authorities as well as the BBB numerous times to clean things up and make changes due to the inhumane disposition, status and reputation of the park. Most of the homes in the park are unlivable but he just gives them a fresh paint job, as well as a few other cosmetic repairs and tries to resell them.

He goes through managers like toilet paper, nobody can work with him because of his dishonesty and poor reputation among his residents.Please take caution before getting involved with any aspect of this place.

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